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Progress from SSCDS M.E. Team

The MSU Mechanical Engineering student team have come up with an initial concept for reducing the volume of material needed to fill the SSCDS system. Their solution is to separate the liquid delivery from the air delivery. Liquid enters the SSCDS reservoirs at the base of the canister while air enters from the top. A… Continue Reading Progress from SSCDS M.E. Team

SSCD at MSU Clarksville Station

Here is a short video of the MSU prototype SSCD in action at the Clarksville Research Station. The video was produced and edited by Ron Perry, Professor of Horticulture.  

Initial design at WSU Sunrise The initial field set-up at WSU Sunrise Orchard consists of one irrigation line centrally located in the tree canopy with emitters branching from it.¬† The design has two emitters between each tree.¬† The emitters are staggered vertically so that emitters of equal height are 6-feet apart horizontally.¬† The heights of emitters are: 10, 8,… Continue Reading Initial design at WSU Sunrise

“Proof of Concept”: SSCD in action In 2007, Drs. Agnello and Landers from Cornell University designed, established and studied the idea of a solid set canopy delivery system in apples.¬† This system applied all pest management control for the season.¬† They observed no differences in pest control when compared to a standard airblast sprayer.¬† The current SSCD grant is working… Continue Reading “Proof of Concept”: SSCD in action