Outreach and Extension

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Effective communication of new technologies and critical decision-making information to stakeholders must be timely, concise and tailored to the agricultural audience.

SSCD system in tunnels with cherries

SSCD in Michigan tunnels for growing cherries

To facilitate grower adoption of the new systems and communication between growers

and researchers, we will develop and deliver outreach that utilizes innovative and traditional extension outlets including eXtension, internet-based newsletters, grower field days, written bulletins, and presentations at grower meetings, and on-farm visits for early adopters and collaborators with the project.

Year 1 activities:
The first year of this project is focused on the development and optimization of the SSCD system with some complementary studies in pest management and horticulture.  At such an early stage, the activities are focused on producing readily available information via the internet, as well as providing channels for early feedback between the growers and researchers.

We will develop a website linked to YouTube, SlideShare, and Flickr.  We will facilitate at least one field day and two talks in each region to solicit grower input.  Lastly we will create a fact sheet with objectives, successes and future plans.

Team Members:
Michigan: Larry Gut, Greg Lang
Washington: Gwen Hoheisel, Jay Brunner, Ines Hanrahan, Tory Schmidt
New York:
Arthur Agnello, Andrew Landers


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