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Determine the economic impacts and return on investments of an SSCD system accounting for establishment, labor, chemical delivery, fruit quality and resultant ecosystem service values.

Year 1 activities:
Accurately understanding current spray costs is critical when comparing it with a new system like SSCD.  Ultimately, the economics team will account for all costs associated with the SSCD system such as materials, installation, management and maintenance for one or more planting systems.  In addition, they will work with the researchers and collaborating growers to systematically track possible economic benefits like improved pest management, fruit quality, and reduced labor.

For year 1, the economics team will develop detailed budgets for current spray practices with traditional equipment (ex. PTO air blast sprayer, tower sprayer, weed sprayer, and fertilizer spreader) used in 3 or more planting systems

Team Members:
Michigan: Steven Miller
New York: Alison DeMarree


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