SSCDS 2017 Updates from the field

Hello All,

Today has been a rain-day which has allowed me a chance to get caught up on the progress of the work being conducted this season. We have been having success with using a thermal camera attached to a drone to help with looking at spray applications. We also installed a new system configuration in the orchard to test microsprayer placement and coverage. Last but not least, we have started working on putting together a program to teach educators on spray optimization and calibration which is coming up in August. In short, it has been busy around here. I also wanted to introduce my main helpers for the summer,  Jacob Malsch who has been working on various parts of the SSCDS projects over the last few years and is also a recent college graduate from Michigan State, and our summer intern Jacob Onstott. Jacob Onstott just finished is Junior year in Horticulture at Michigan State and is working on spray coverage in various trellis systems used in commercial grape growing. The picture below is the two of them helping to install new pipes in the orchard.




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