Designs for 2012

With a “proof of concept” researched, we are testing several designs to optimize the spray pattern, increase the design over greater acreage, and improve the mechanism of flushing (or clearing the lines).

Tickleez tests indoorsControlled Environment Testing of Design and Emitters

Trickl-eez, a private company in Michigan, has tested several designs and emitters in a controlled environment.¬† They have nozzles that won’t turn on until the entire system reaches a desired pressure and they prevent leaking when turned off.

From this work, there are initial field designs being used by the horticulture and pest management teams.¬† The engineering team will continue to perfect the system by creating a “playground” of different designs.

The initial field set-up at WSU Sunrise Orchard consists of one irrigation line centrally located in the tree canopy with emitters branching from it.  The design has two emitters between each tree.  The emitters are staggered vertically so that emitters of equal height are 6-feet apart horizontally.  The heights of emitters are: 10, 8, 6, and 4 feet above the ground.

Closeup of WSU Sunrise Initial DesignWSU Sunrise Initial Design with emitters branching to the upper and lower parts of the canopy


Multiple Rows of WSU Sunrise Initial DesignMultiple Rows of Initial Design at WSU Sunrise Orchards







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