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Year Two SSCDS Newsletter

We’ve just released our year two newsletter. This provides an overview of our accomplishments through the 2012-2013 year of the project. We will release one more newsletter in 2015 that provides an overview of all project activities. Download the newsletter here:

Year 1 Report!

We’ve completed a full color report on our first year activities. 2012 was a year full of challenges but our team has fabricated test systems in all three project states and has made some interesting findings. The report can be downloaded here as a .pdf. You will need a pdf reader such as Adobe Reader… Continue Reading Year 1 Report!

June MSU Apple Spray Coverage Trial

In order to record and compare the delivery deposition efficiency of the solid set canopy delivery (SSCD) system and the conventional airblast sprayer, 26 √ó76 mm water and oil sensitive paper cards (TeeJet¬Æ, Spraying Sytems Co. Wheaton, IL) were strategically placed in semi-dwarf Rubinstar Jonagold apple trees at the Clarksville Horticulture Research Center in Clarksville,… Continue Reading June MSU Apple Spray Coverage Trial

Designs for 2012

With a “proof of concept” researched, we are testing several designs to optimize the spray pattern, increase the design over greater acreage, and improve the mechanism of flushing (or clearing the lines). Controlled Environment Testing of Design and Emitters Trickl-eez, a private company in Michigan, has tested several designs and emitters in a controlled environment.¬†… Continue Reading Designs for 2012

SSCD Concept and Complexities

Simple concept: Use the concept of an irrigation system‚Äîone main pipe close to the orchard floor with sprinklers (or emitters) evenly spaced to apply water, fertilizers and herbicides.¬† Twist: install similar systems higher in the canopy and attached to existing trellis wire to apply water, pesticides, and nutrients that will cover the canopy. The complexities:… Continue Reading SSCD Concept and Complexities